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Crane Safety

Tom Barth has dedicated his life to crane safety. A crane operator, inspector, trainer and accident investigator with 38 years in the industry, Tom is committed to helping operators and companies make their workplace safer. With his background in tower cranes, crawlers, truck cranes, harbor cranes and more, and working in some of the harshest conditions on the planet, he brings a unique combination of knowledge, skills and dedication to the field of crane safety.


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About Thomas Barth Crane Consultants

Tom Barth has spent 38 years "living, breathing and eating cranes", as an operator, accident investigator, inspector, consultant and expert witness. Early in his career, he developed an intense interest in improving crane safety and inititated and instructed advanced and intermediate crane classes for the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 302 in Palmer, Alaska.

Over the years, his experiences as a certified crane inspector, expert witness and accident investigator, reinforced his belief that additional guidelines were needed in the crane industry. He has written about crane safety, appeared on national television programs and lobbied for new rules and regulations that would improve the training and certification of crane operators, riggers, workers and supervisors.


  • 38 years as an operator and inspector of cranes and crane operator instructor.
  • 15 years as a crane accident investigator and expert witness.
  • 13 years experience working cranes on the water, including off loading barges, jack-up platforms, general cargo and construction materials, pile driving, clamming and hook work.
  • Operator experience on land includes working in Prudhoe Bay oilfield, setting steel, tilt ups, building trades, heavy picks, drag lining and using multiple cranes to make various heavy picks.
  • Investigated more than 55 high-profile crane accidents.
  • 13 years experience as Crane Inspector, approved by the U.S. Department of Labor. C.F.R. Codes 1919


  • Certified by Associated General Contractors to teach the Professional Crane Operators Program
  • OSHA Certified Outreach Trainer
  • OSHA Certified for Mine training
  • CDL Driver's License


  • Training Institute of Canada, Craning and Rigging course
  • Manitowoc Crane Manufacturer, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
  • FMC Corporation, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • P&H Crane Manufacturer, Conway, South Carolina
  • Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau, Orlando, Florida
  • 1972 - Anchorage Community College, Structural Steel Welding
  • 1960 - Anchorage West High School, graduate

Media: Articles and Appearances

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