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Tom Barth has dedicated his life to crane safety. A crane operator, inspector, trainer and accident investigator with 38 years in the industry, Tom is committed to helping operators and companies make their workplace safer. With his background in tower cranes, crawlers, truck cranes, harbor cranes and more, and working in some of the harshest conditions on the planet, he brings a unique combination of knowledge, skills and dedication to the field of crane safety.


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Large Cranes, Unusual Cranes, Interesting Lifts

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August 2016

Big lift at Tampa Airport


August 2013

Working on SCR project in western Pa., setting steel and duct work.


256' MB

256' Luffer


CC1800 DEMAG setting duct work for FGD PROJECT AT PA. POWERHOUSE


CC1800 DEMAG setting duct work for FGD Project at Pennsylvania Powerhouse

CC1800 DEMAG setting duct work for FGD PROJECT AT PA. POWERHOUSE CC1800 DEMAG setting duct work for FGD PROJECT AT PA. POWERHOUSE
CC1800 DEMAG setting duct work for FGD PROJECT AT PA. POWERHOUSE

2007-12-04 - Biggest Lift Ever at Highland Port

Highland Port

Port Services (Invergordon) Limited have completed the Load out of 450 tonne bouy for FPSO mooring systems utilising a Gottwald Akl680-3 and five assisting telescopic mobile from their own fleet. This completes a project that the logistics company has been working on with Saipem / Sonsub all year.The AK680-3 was supplied by Sarens Limited and Port Services heavy cranes division supplied a 500, 250. two 120 and 80 tonnes cranes to assist with the lift.

2007-08-18 - Sedco - Gotwald

500 Tonne crane on barge removing thrusters on the Sedco 706 and also on hire to Port Services an Gotwald AK912 - 1200 tonne crane removing the derrick.All work coompleted by Port Services Special Projects Division.

Sedco - Gotwald
Sedco - Gotwald Sedco - Gotwald

2007-07-26 - Invergordon, Scotland

Huge Buoy Lift at Invergordon, Scotland
A Massive steel buoy was lifted from ship to shore at Invergordon, Scotland yesterday in the biggest single lift yet undertaken at the Scottish Port. The Special Projects Division of Port Services (Invergordon) Limited - one of the leading logistic support service companies operating in the Cromarty Firth - handled the logistics of the manoeuvre as the 450-tonne offshore loading buoy was discharged on to the quayside using the vessel's own gear.

The company, will make modifications to the buoy, which is destined for the UK sector north sea later this year. Port Services- Special Projects Division will then load the buoy back to the water using a AK912 – 1200 tonne crane. It will then be towed to the north sea.

Huge Buoy Lift at Invergordon, Scotland
Huge Buoy Lift at Invergordon, Scotlan
Huge Buoy Lift at Invergordon, Scotlan


60 tonne suction pile being loaded out with 500 tonne crane. Paul Clark, Port Services (Invergordon) Limited Scotland Heavy Crane Division

Paul Clark Port Services

2007-05-02 - Essar Scotland

500 tonne crane working at Essar Wildcat at Invergordon Scotland. 135 tonne ballast and 77 metres luffing fly jib

Essar Scotland

2007-05-02 - Glombar Arctic, Scotland

500 tonne crane with 135 tonne ballast and 77 metres of luffing fly jib working at the Glomar Arctic 2, Invergordon, Scotland

Glombar Arctic, Scotland

2007-05-02 - Essar Wildcat, Scotland

500 tonne crane with 77 meteres of luffing fly jin (blue) and 350 tonne crane with 48 metres of luffing fly jib (yellow) working on drilling rig Essar Wildcat, Invergordon Scotland.

Paul Clark, Port Services (Invergordon),Limited Heavy Crane Division

2007-05-02 - Essar Wildcat, Scotland


800 ton lift with Lampson LTL 2600

2007-03-20 Lampson
2007-03-20 Lampson 2007-03-20 Lampson


Below are some SUCCESSFUL lifts by Port Services Heavy Cranes in Scotland.

  • 500t Liebherr - Lifting Bridge in Paisley for historic society
  • 350t Demag lifting Statue(Spike) in Docklands - London
  • 500t Lifting the Rolls Royce chimney down in Glasgow
2007-03-20-Liebherr-Demag-Rolls 2007-03-20-Liebherr-Demag-Rolls
2007-03-20-Liebherr-Demag-Rolls 2007-03-20-Liebherr-Demag-Rolls

A couple of lifts with the 4100 Manitowoc at a heavy oil facility in northern Alberta, Canada. The first picture is a tandem lift weighing approx. 380,000 lbs. The second picture is a steam exchanger approximately 290,000 lbs. We had to hoist this exchanger 22ft. and walk with load while the second crane swung to it’s left to clear the peak of the building for it’s final resting spot.

4100 Manitowoc 4100 Manitowoc

Mark Stroeder
Construction Manager
Specialized Rigging Services
Cell (780) 235-8435
Office (780) 467-1882

P&H 6250 and 2250 Manitowoc

A critical pick made by Hydraulic crane specialists in Mobile, AL using a P&H 6250 & Manitowoc 2250

4600 Manitowoc

This is the 4600 Manitowoc Series 4 350 ton crane loaded on double wide loadboys with 190 ft of main boom, Back in the seventies I was running this crane when it was new and it is still running today on the North Slope, Alaska as good maintenance threw out all the years and it will run for many more years.

Old Crane in UK

This is a picture of a fully rigged face shovel being moved in the UK, by road, sometime in mid 1960's by five trucks. The first of which is an ex-US Army Diamond T wrecker leftover from WW2

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