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Crane Safety

Tom Barth has dedicated his life to crane safety. A crane operator, inspector, trainer and accident investigator with 38 years in the industry, Tom is committed to helping operators and companies make their workplace safer. With his background in tower cranes, crawlers, truck cranes, harbor cranes and more, and working in some of the harshest conditions on the planet, he brings a unique combination of knowledge, skills and dedication to the field of crane safety.


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Give to Those Who Sacrifice

Gifting Warriors

In 2010, Thomas Barth started Gifting Warriors, a non-profit organization to help meet the needs of more than 48,000 wounded soldiers and the families of fallen heroes. Tom is a veteran whose family served our country for generations and instilled in him a deep respect for the cost of our freedom. The owner of Barth Crane Inspections, Tom is recognized as one of only a few federally accredited crane inspectors and crane operator trainers. Over the years, he earned a solid reputation in the legal community for his expert witness testimony and developed a passion for teaching, training, serving his community and his country. It's that passion that led him to creating Gifting Warriors.

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